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Understanding Job adverts - Job Hunting Tips and Tricks

Sadly most job adverts are completely vague and not descriptive. Worse still they are usually written by HR who know little or nothing about the skills and experience required for the job. They are just going off of the advice given by the team looking to recruit a new member of staff. This makes it even more important to read into a job advert and decipher that the employer is actually looking for.

A good technique to understanding a job advert is to highlight the keywords from the advert. Below we have listed key phrases and their meaning:

1. Large company - usually well established, possibly long running

2. Operate on a gobal level - candidate needs to be comfortable working with different companies, possibly other languages and maybe role involves travel

3. Applicants must demonstrate a track record in ___ - you should be able to demonstrate your skill set in a specific area

4. A hands on approach - candidates must be practical and not afraid to jump straight in

5. Qualification in ___ is advantageous but not essential - candidate would have a distinct advantage if they have ___. However you could still apply if you don't have the skills

6. Flexible approach to work - candidate should be willing to change roles regularly and not be tied to one particular job. You would probably need to demonstrate skills in several areas

7. Full training will be given - great opportunity, and little previous training will be required for the role

8. Capable of dealing with wide range of people and situations - candidate must show a varied career history or have experience working in different environments

9. Cv's from graduates accepted - a good opportunity to find your first job role after university. Or even after extended study which may not be to degree level.

Remember that a job advert may also specify the requirements for an application such as Covering Letter and CV or just Covering Letter. The name of the person to apply to is usually given so make sure you use their name in the covering letter when you apply.

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