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Registering your CV online - Apply for Jobs online

With the age of the internet there are literally thousands of job sites where you can upload your CV and apply online. They're very easy to use and with thousands of jobs listed you'd be wise to give them a try.

What do you need to apply online?

The same principles apply whether you are applying online or by paper. A good CV is still essential but a covering letter has lost its impact a little. You will also need to register online with a job board or agency. This involves providing the site with personal details such as work experience, skills, expected salary, location, current job role, your email address, name, address and phone number. Remember you will need an email account to activate your registration process. This is common place on all websites these days. Just remember to check that the site is a trusted source and a privacy agreement is also a good thing to see when registering. This means your details will not be passed on to third parties or used to market products.

What are the advantages

There are many advantages to registering online, here are just a few:

1. Most online job boards are instant applications. This means you CV will reach the employer by email instantly as soon as you apply.

2. Employers can usually search the site for CV's that match a skill set. It's important to add good keywords to your profile when you register online

3. You can search yourself for jobs that match your criteria such as location, salary and skill level

4. You can sign up for jobs by email, which will email you new jobs as they are added to the job board. These are relevant to the skills you have listed in your profile

What are the dangers of registering online

1. Ensure that the site has a privacy policy otherwise your contact details may be passed onto third parties resulting in junk emails

2. Your profile is visible to other employers including agencies. It's possible you will get a lot of attention if your skill set is in demand. Prepare you voicemail for a lot of calls.

3. A little of the traditional love is lost between you and the employer. A direct application will look as though you have taken a keen interest in the employer.

4. Some agencies post onto job boards just to increase their contacts and tie you into their service. This is very common but you can usually spot the difference between and agencies advert and a direct employment opportunity

5. You must use common software to create your CV such as Microsoft Word. Remember that Microsoft Word 2003 cannot open documents created in Word 2007 so always save your files using the Word 2003 option.

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