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Why am I not getting interviews - Is my CV too long or am I applying for the wrong jobs

People are faced with rejection every day of the week, what counts is how we handle that rejection. Applying for job adverts is not different. Just because you haven't got any interview requests yet, it's not the time to give up! Take a look at our points below which will help you perfect your CV and get more interview request:

1. Have you provided enough information to the employer

2. Are you applying for the wrong types of jobs

3. Should you be using a different style for your CV

4. Is your CV too long

5. Are your contact details correct

6. Have you checked your CV for spelling and grammar mistakes

7. Are you responding late to job adverts

8. Have you included a covering letter with your applications

9. Are you qualified for the jobs you are applying for

10. Do you live close enough to the employer

11. Do you have previous experience that matches the role

12. Are you applying for a job role that is below your experience level

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