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Using a Kickstart ROM in WinUAE

Before you can start using WinUAE you will need a version of the Kickstart ROM. These are copyrighted to Commadore and should be purchased from legal suppliers such as Amiga Forever. Alternatively if you have your own Amiga you can use a utility called TransRom which will copy the Kickstart image ready to use in WinUAE.

The first time you start WinUAE you should scan for available ROMS. All Kickstart ROM's should be placed in the root directory of the WinUAE installation:


To select a Kickstart version to use in WinUAE you must use the HARDWARE - ROM section. Simply click the 'lookup' button (the one with 3 dots) next to the Boot Rom File section. You will be presented with the Windows open file dialog. Now, just simply select the Kickstart adf file you want to use. You will notice that the file can be a .ROM, .ZIP, ,RAR or .ROZ file.


If you are looking to play classic Amiga games we strongly recommend you use the Kickstart 1.3 ROM which is equivalent to the Amiga 500. The first and probably best of the Amiga systems. (WinUAE will allow you to upgrade other hardware features to improve gameplay so don't be put of by the fact that this is the first Amiga system).

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